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The goal of this game is to stop the animals who are trying to escape the farm before they reach the exit on the other side of the screen. All this is done with your mouse. You have the choice between three different maps and three different levels: easy, medium and unlimited. To win this game, you must stop as many sheep, goats, rabbits and cows from reaching the bottom of the screen as you can.
To move around the farm, use your mouse or the A key to go left, D to go right, W to go up and S to go down. To stop the animals, you have to place the farmers along the path that the animals will try to use to escape. Choose one of the farmzers at the bottom of the screen and put him near the path. Warning: you can't place him just anywhere and the square will go red if you have to choose another place. There are five kinds of farmers and four of them have special powers like being able to slow down the animals. But be careful because the more powers they have, the more expensive they are! The white circle the farmer's range and this varies from one farmer to another. Once you think you've placed enough farmers on the map, or you've run out of money to buy more, click on “Next wave” to make the animals appear. Every animal that gets stopped before leaving the farm will win you money that you can use to get more farmers. Click again on “Next wave” when you're ready for the next group of animals. It's important to make note of the different farmers who get experience each time they stop an animal in the game because they become better at their job! Watch out: every time an animal manages to escape, you will lose life points and so you need to make sure you stop as many as possible! If this reaches zero, you will lose the game. In the unlimited level, the waves of animals come at you all the time and so the aim is to hold off and try to not hit zero for as long as you can. This is a tactical game where you have to plan your purchases and where to place the farmers to come out a winner. Show everyone what you're made of and win the game!

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