Every species has a page, where you can find lots of information, including:

- a small presentation text to learn more about this species;
- the characteristics of this species on Farmzer;
- the standard capacity of the farm animals in this species;
- the coats available for this species;
- the best farmers of this species on Farmzer;
- the best animals and breedings of this species.

This information allows you to easily see the progression of this species. The more that the best animals of this species increase their capacity, the more this species will distinguish itself from the standard capacity and be at an advanced stage in the game.
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Goat Adult - coat 7
Goats are a hardy animal and one of the oldest domesticated animals—around 10,000 years ago! They were, and still are, used for their milk, meat and hide. In fact, more goat milk is consumed in the world than cow milk!

Goats are part of the sheep family and if you're ever wondering which is which.. look for the tail pointing up to identify the goat. Goats mate all year round, and usually give birth to twins. They will taste almost anything, but are picky about their acutal food—they love shrubs, vines and weeds.

These intelligent and curious animals love to be in the company of other animals, so don't leave them alone!





Goat Adult - coat 7

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