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This game lets you help a girl decorate her little garden that she thinks is too boring at the moment. You play an amateur farmer and brighten up this garden as you see fit. Use your mouse to click on the different accessories to grow your beautiful flowers in record time. The first stage of the game involves pouring soil into the flower pot, then bedding it with a shovel before planting your seeds. There are five different kinds of flowers that you can grow so make the most of this to get an interesting garden! Once you've sown your seeds, all that's left is to water them and add some fertilizer. Then you'll get a lovely flower for your garden! Go and plant others by clicking on the “workshop” button. There are eight beds for flowers in your garden and you can uproot any that you aren't completely happy with, or even choose not to add a flower if you don't like it. This game lets you become a real gardener so get your tools ready to make the most beautiful garden you can imagine!

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