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It was a peaceful day on the farm and the sheep were going to be sheared but Chuck had other ideas and wanted to escape from the farm. This game lets you help this sheep try to escape from the farm using his little plane. The goal of this game is simple: try to get as far as possible with this fragile piece of machinery. Hit space bar to try get a star that will send the sheep flying in the air on his plane. Then hit the up arrow to activate the engine and go higher in the sky. Watch out for all the obstacles like the birds or the mines that will stop you. Do all you can to avoid them otherwise your plane will be damaged and crash, ruining your sheep's dreams of escaping. However, there are also a number of bonuses you can grab along the way, giving you a higher score and helping you improve your plane. After each try, you get the chance to improve different parts of your flying machine, such as the wings, engine, fueltanks or even boosters to help your chances of winning. Collect drops of water and dog paw prints, go through the rings and pop the balloons to get as many points as you can. You can exchange your resources to get whatever your plane needs. Some improvements need to be activated during your flight, like the boosters by hitting “shift” or the shields with space bar. Once you're ready to try your luck, click on “Launch”. Will Chuck the sheep manage to escape the farm? It's all up to you to play and help him in this entertaining game!

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