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Are you a speed junky? Then this game is for you! Play a farmer who must deliver his fruit and vegetables as quickly as possible to sell them. Use the up arrow to accelerate, the down arrow to slow down or reverse and the space bar to brake or open gates. At the start of each level, you must back up a little to connect your tractor to the trailer. Then hold down the up arrow to speed along to the finish line! But watch out: the faster you go, the more you risk losing some of your precious cargo along the way. You have to be extra careful when going downhill because if you lose too many vegetables before getting to the farm then you have to restart the level from the start. Remember to open the gate to the farm with the space bar at the end of the race because you can't ram the gate when it's closed. If your trailer disconnects then you must go backwards with your tractor to collect it again before your time runs out. The number of fruit and vegetables that you deliver will give you your final score at the end of each level. Can you become a farmer who is an expert tractor driver? Prove your driving skills in this need-for-speed farm game!

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