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On this tropical island, you play a farmer who is trying to start up a farm on this peaceful desert island. Like a real farmer, you must work the earth and then plant seeds to grow all kinds of exotic fruits in this virtual game. Use your mouse to play: start by choosing the spade in the “tools” tab to dig in the ground. You can click lots of times to accelerate the action or wait until it finished by itself. Then take the “hand” in the tools section and choose which kind of seeds you want to sow in the “seeds” section. Go back to the “tools” section to water your plants – the more you water your plants, the quicker they'll grow. Now it's time to harvest your crops. Grab the sickle from your tools and click again on your crops. You will get crates full of fruit that you can export on your boat or stock in your warehouse if the boat is full. Click on the “storage” tab to see your stored products and to sell them once the boat has come back. The money you earn from selling your crops in this farm game will help you replant seeds or buy new kinds of fruits in the “shop” tab. Your game is automatically saved and you can start up again where you left off if you want to leave the game. Remember to use all the different tools to speed up the production stages, such as watering or harvesting your crops and then you'll save time. Are you a good farmer even on a desert island? Only you can answer this question by playing this exotic farm game!

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