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Hi, some of you may know me from,, and Hamsterstory. A lot of people ask me about the story behind my username. I got it  when I let a younger child pick it for me, and dogbreeder is what she came up with. I decided to use the same username on all of the Dreamzer games to make things simpler. Before you ask, i do not give out personal information.
Now, about my game on Farmzer . . .

My main breed is the Australian Shepherd, I own the first, and currently only line of them on Farmzer. I am working on raising their caps and they will probably be my main focus for quite a while. They can not be sold so please do not ask. If at any time they are able to be sold I would only consider selling once they are at 402.00 cap. or higher.

I started a line of Limousin bulls but I got through twopairs before I forgot to give the female the ring of isis bonus so now I have three females, and only two males, and since they can only breed once I will have to save up and get a new one from the Cave of Secrets.

I am not doing much with my Charolais Bulls, they were my main breed when I first started but now I have moved away from them and mostly breed them on occasion to supply other players with calves.

I will breed a baby animal for you but there are some things you need yo understand.
1: I have set prices, unless you are a new player (40 presence days or less) these prices will not be negotiable.
2: When you place and order for a baby animal you must have the means of paying for it as soon as it is born, or a sure way of earning the money withing a week after its birth.
3: I will only hold the baby for you for up to one week, no more, no less. If you do not contact me or purchase the baby withing that time I have the right to sell it to someone else.
4: I an not obligated to buy the animal back from you if you run out of money or feel you can no longer keep it, I do not mind you asking if I want it back but if I say no please do not keep asking.
5: I will give discounts to 'new' players (40 presence days or less). I do this because the game is kind of slow and for new players it is hard to get started with no animals for sale in the flat price or auction.
6: I may not have every species of animals, so please look on my wall or at my animals to see what I have available before asking me for a baby.
7: Please do not try to trick me into giving you the new player discount, I can look on your page to make sure you are really new. If I see that you lied about it, I will not sell you an animal.
8: some animals are more expensive because they are frequently requested, please do not complain about my prices.
9: You can't just post on my wall and say something like, 'I want a male baby cow for 500 farmz.' I have a short form below that I would like you to fill out to make it easier on both of us. (You do not have to copy the form and paste it on my wall or in a pm, as long as you give me all the information the form asks for that will be fine)

Species Available/Prices (Baby):
Leghorn Rooster: Male 700 farmz, female 800 farmz.
Charolais Bull: Male 900 farmz, female, 1200 farmz.
Magpie: male, 900 farmz, female, 1200 farmz.
Goat: male, 900 farmz, female, 1200 farmz.
Rabbit: 900 farmz each for a male or female, (I will only sell one rabbit per player)
Pig: Male, 900 farmz. Femalem 1000 farmz. (Not currently available)
Donkey: Male, 900 farmz, female, 1200 farmz. (Will be available soon)
(For new players I will take 100-500 farmz off the original price. I will decided how much of a discount to give based on how many farmz, and/or animals the player already has)

Sale Form *Babies*:
Name: I can send it to you unnamed or with a name of your choosing)
Gender: (Male or female)
Age: (1-6 months, I will age it up to six months,)
Species: (Only those available in the list above)

I may not always have adults available, or babies to train, but I will take up to three request per month and either give you an animal that is already an adult, or train a baby for you.
Adult Prices:
Charolais Bull: 2000 farmz.
Leghorn Rooster: 2000 farmz.
Magpie: 2000 males, 2500 females.
Goat: 2000 farmz.
Rabbit: 1200 farmz.
Weasel: 500 and 2 premz each. (I am currently only selling one per player)

Sale Form *Adults*:
NSI: (Anything 20-50%)
Price: (The prices can be found above^)

Well, now that we are done with that . . .
Despite my many 'rules' about selling my animals I am usually a fun person, and I am always willing to chat through PM.
I am looking for good rpers on the game, I love to rp and sadly I am one of a very small number of active rpers on Farmzer. So if you like to rp too, check out my groups, invite me to yours, or send me a PM and maybe we can make a new one!

In real life I love horses, and though I do play Horzer I am not super active on there. I love the Warrior Cat books, and Redwall by Brian Jacques.
I love pretty much all mammals and birds.
And that is the only personal info you are likely to hear from me

My main goal being on here is to get the game active and get people involved in the groups and raising the cap of the animals.

That is all for now, but I may add more later (Which could be anywhere from in a few days to a few weeks)

Well, here is more later!

Let me introduce me to some of my animals on farmzer.
My favorites (Yes, I secretly do have favorites^^) are . . .

Sarafina, my first animal on Farmzer. She is a lovely Charolais Bull who has produced many offspring.

Mimosa. Mimosa is another Charolais, she is a pretty little cow, the daughter of my bull, White Lightning.

Mungo Baggins, the brother of Mimosa and my favorite male Charolais.

Cassatt, a fox I purchased from someone who left the game.

Fergus and Fiona. They were my first Aussies on the game, and the first pair to produce purebred offspring. They are the patriarch and matriarch of the only, Progress Star winning, purebred, Australian Shepherds in the game.

Sky, the first Blue tit on the game and my firs Blue tit.

Selena, Sinopia, and Tristan, my mini goat herd.

All of my Limousin bulls are very special to me.

Vilaya, my first Weasel on the game and the mother of progress star winners.

Wonderland, a new addition to the herd, a sweet Charolais calf birthed by my Charolais cow, Dixie.

I am working on Progress stars with my Weasels, Aussies, Limousins, and maybe someday Blue Tits.
I might want some stars with Charolais at a later date.

*Male Fox
*Pig Pair
*Donkey Pair

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Australian Shepherd ##STADE## - coat 34
Australian Shepherd ##STADE## - coat 34
Australian Shepherd ##STADE## - coat 34
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 dogbreeder - 4 years, 562 hours and 9 minutes ago
dogbreeder celebrates 600 presence days: congratulations!   Comment
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Congrats:)  Comment
 dogbreeder - 46 years and 9 months ago:
Thanks^^  Comment
 annie2550 - 46 years and 9 months ago:
You're welcome:)  Comment
 dogbreeder - 4 years and 7 months ago
Hi, if you want info about me, my goals here on Farmzer, or what kind of things I like to do on here please read my wall:) If you want to chat, feel free to post here or send me a Pm.   Comment