Missions and Quests

Ranks in relation to xP points
XP points
Certain quests and missions are only available if you have completed another one beforehand.
Ranks in relation to xP points
Depending on your number of xP points, you will reach one of the following ranks:
Up to 5 XP points: Farm animal lover
Up to 10 XP points: Major farm animal lover
Up to 35 XP points: Farm animal fan
Up to 50 XP points: Major farm animal fan
Up to 75 XP points: Farm animal admirer
Up to 50 XP points: Major farm animal admirer
Up to 100 XP points: Big enthusiast farmer
Up to 130 XP points: Enthusiast farmer
Up to 145 XP points: Top enthusiast farmer
Up to 160 XP points: Complete beginner farmer
Up to 190 XP points: Beginner farmer
Up to 230 XP points: Professional farmer
Up to 270 XP points: Respected farmer
Up to 310 XP points: Well-known farmer
Up to 350 XP points: Major professional farmer
Up to 390 XP points: Highly respected farmer
Up to 450 XP points: Extremely well-known farmer
Up to 510 XP points: Famous farmer
Up to 570 XP points: Expert farmer
Up to 630 XP points: Top expert farmer
Up to 690 XP points: Specialist farmer
Up to 750 XP points: Top specialist farmer
Up to 810 XP points: Department Champion farmer enthusiast
Up to 870 XP points: Official Department Champion farmer
Up to 930 XP points: Regional Champion farmer enthusiast
Up to 990 XP points: Official Regional Champion farmer
Up to 1,050 XP points: National Champion farmer enthusiast
Up to 1,110 XP points: Official Regional Champion farmer
Up to 1,170 XP points: Continental medal farmer enthusiast
Up to 1,230 XP points: Professional Continental medal farmer
Up to 1,290 XP points: Continental Champion farmer enthusiast
Up to 1,350 XP points: Official Continental Champion farmer
Up to 1,450 XP points: World medal farmer enthusiast
Up to 1,600 XP points: Official World medal farmer
Up to 1,800 XP points: Official World Champion farmer
Up to 0 XP points: Legendary farmer

Players' ranks are displayed on their farmer pages and reflect their status within the game.
A quest is a group of missions related to a single theme.

To complete a quest, you have to validate each of the missions that are part of it. They can be validated in any order.

Each quest has a page on which you can visualize all of the missions it contains, as well as your progress: the missions already validated and those that remain to be carried out.
You can also visualize the total number of xP points that the missions in this quest will earn you.
XP points
XP points are obtained by carrying out the different missions and quests within the game.

They are a reflection of the progress and status of players: depending on their xP points, players are given a rating that appears on their farmer pages.
A mission consists of carrying out an action within the game one or more times.

When you validate a mission, it earns you various rewards, in particular xP points, thereby increasing your status within Farmzer.

Each mission is part of a quest that groups together other missions with the same theme.