Farmer rankings by presence days

The more presence days you accumulate on Farmzer, the more your ranking improves.
The overall ranking of farmers on Farmzer is determined by several criteria: results in agricultural fairs (number of times in the Top 3), length of time in the game (presence days), number of animals and a farmer's passion ranking.

The passion rankings highlight the farmers who best take care of their farm animals. These rankings take into account the average health, strength, mood and hygiene of each farmer's animals.

Other rankings allow you to also see a player's position according to specific criteria: by number of animals, number of times in the Top 3, number of victories in the agricultural fairs, wealth (number of farmz'), number of votes received, or by number of visits received.
Farmer rankings by presence days
Place Farmer Country Evolution Seniority
dogbreeder  dogbreeder
 Majority species: Australian Shepherd
 0 683 days
63u4195002  63u4195002
 Majority species: Rabbit
 1 20 days
FearInsideOut  FearInsideOut
 Majority species: Fox
 1 9 days
4 sophiegettie  sophiegettie
 Majority species: Sheep
 1 6 days
5 Wavysole  Wavysole
 Majority species: Fox
 1 5 days
6 LondonLafayette  LondonLafayette
 Majority species: Fox
 4 3 days
7 Raggen  Raggen
 Majority species: Charolais Bull
 0 2 days
8 Emijay  Emijay
 Majority species: Sheep
 0 2 days
9 Mya2472  Mya2472  0 2 days